This Page shows some of the #Brothersutd Videos and the Journey we have made .

The United Discriminate Journey

A story of how a Family was told they cant watch a football game together.  Decided to Campaign for Change, and got one of the Largest Football Clubs in the world to change its policy and Introduce Accessible Family Seating.  #totalaccess

Brothers United Winner

#Brothers united show off there Skills on and Off the Pitch as Manchester United introduce Accessible Family Seating at Old Trafford.

CAFE #Totalaccess Conference, I Am A Football Fan…

Our Boys Appear in the CAFE #Totalaccess Conference Video Opener.

And we close the Out takes too

Newsround Feature

This Video is from when we featured on CBBC’s Newsround.  Here you can see the issue is not just affecting one club, and it also shows a sign of commitment from Manchester United.  The lads had a absolutely Awsum day filming this, and even got to play of the Hollowed Turf.  Amazing

The moment we got to tell the Premier League exactly what we thought of there wooly pledge. At the CAFE conference #totalaccess “If they dont comply they dont play” (see our question at 32:10).


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